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  1. To Network with your Colleagues, view Staff Directory. Note their Birthday and Anniversary in your Diary then surprise them with a Bash, Gift or Splash! BMA and CKA may help spice up the gig!
  2. To Join the Staff Directory, fill Membership Form. This is not only required to access M-Shirika System but also benefits you with Business, Career and Social Networking both internally and externally on Mention "CK Advocates LLP" so that when the Public searches for "Advocate", your Profile pops up thus Marketing both Yourself and the Firm. Only Fields marked (Public) are displayed, the rest are (Private). Select Bronze Member which Fee is waived as part of B2B M-Shirika Licence Fees negotiable between BMA and CKA after Free Trial.
  3. To Login, Username is your Email Address and Password is your BMA PIN. Get one Free and Instant then save it as a Phone Contact for ease of recall. After you obtain your BMA PIN, contact the Head Office to Grant Access. Then, when you Login for the first time, you shall be prompted to update your Settings. Tap on the message "Settings Required" and enter Super Admin as but you can do this only after Head Office Grants you Access.
  4. To access Client Enquiries, tap on the button above, Login if you have not, then go to "IN-TRAY". Once you are in, proceed with KEY-IN, etc as trained on M-Shirika RS Workflow Display.
  5. Record as many but brief (1-5 Words) Action Taken entries as possible which shall inform Awards and Recognition of Top 10% "BEST STAFF OF THE MONTH | QUARTER | YEAR" which not only looks good on your CV but is a strong bargaining point and leverage for Bonuses, Salary Raise or Promotion during Management Appraisals.
  6. If this Page or M-Shirika does not display button images, your internet speed is slow, just refresh or reload where you are.
  7. To download an App Widget on your Phone or Tablet, open this Page from your device Chrome Browser, go to Menu then select "Add to Screen".
  8. For an overview of BMA and M-Shirika, download Starter Pack from

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